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Our mission

We're building a better, AI-assisted world.
Countless lives are lost in traffic every day and many more get disrupted because of accidents. Most of them we could have seen coming. Either through the eyes of the citizens or though thousands of sensors surrounding us. Our mission is to save lives in traffic by combining information from humans and AI agents. Read more on how we're getting started together with you in our blog.

  • Imagine knowing that the next intersection has 10 times more red-light crossings than the rest of your commute
  • Imagine knowing where to change traffic order before lives are lost
  • Imagine knowing what behaviors actually lead to loss of lives
  • Imagine maps where each datapoint is backed by real world evidence

Interractive map is for demonstrative purposes.

Our Team

Our team brings strong startup and academic experience from backgrounds in Skype, Nokia, Microsoft, Twilio, Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua, Oxford etc. while our angel investors have given birth to innovations such as Skype, Transferwise and Estonian E-residency. Read more about the early support we've received.


Come join us on our mission to save lives! Send your CV to We're based in Tallinn, Estonia but also support remote work. Feel free to appy from around the world.

React native developer

Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you see code? We’re looking for a superstar dev to work on our cross-platform mobile apps.


Android developer

Do you feel happy optimizing native code? We’re looking for a superstar dev to work on our ML applications on Android.


IOS developer

Can you take your phones performance to the max? We’re looking for a superstar dev to work on our ML applications on IOS.


Manual Screening

Don't like drivers breaking traffic law? We've got a perfect job for you reviewing offence videos.


Get a peak to the future of dashcams!